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Stainless Steel Rabbit Sculpture Mirror Modern Design for Sale CSS-761

This stainless steel rabbit sculpture has a highly polished surface that looks smooth and delicate. YouFine would use high-quality stainless steel as the raw material for this sculpture to ensure superior quality. If you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us.

Item No: CSS-761

Insurance: Cover All Risks

About Us: 39 Years Factory

Size: Any Larger or Smaller Customized

Material: 304/316/316L Stainless Steel

Application: Park/Villa/Hotel/Garden/Square/School

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

Manufacturing Technique: Forging/Casting/Gilding/Polish

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Sculpture Introduction:

This is a stainless steel rabbit sculpture with a modern design. Our rabbit sculpture is a replica of the famous artist Jeff Koons. Therefore, such rabbit sculptures are very popular all over the world. Many people reproduce such metal rabbit sculptures. Its highly polished surface and simple design make it suitable for decoration in many places. Whether outdoors or indoors, such metal rabbit sculptures are a beautiful sight to behold.

Stainless Steel Rabbit Sculpture Mirror Modern Design for Sale CSS-761


Stainless Steel Rabbit Sculpture Source:

In 1986, the original stainless steel rabbit sculpture is on display for the first time at Ileana Sonnabend’s New York gallery. In 1987, a version of the work was shown at NY Art Now at Saatchi Gallery in London. Damien Hirst was a young student studying art at the time. He later recalled: “At first, I couldn’t understand the beauty of its simplicity, I was shocked, and this rabbit absolutely took me by surprise.”

Stainless Steel Rabbit Sculpture - YouFine Sculpture (2)


The Charm of Stainless Steel Rabbit Sculpture:

This silver stainless steel rabbit sculpture without facial features could reflect various artistic inspirations, but it appears indifferent and alienated. Disney, Playboy, childhood, Easter come to mind when we face this metal bunny with a pretty surface. Such abstract artistic design could not give a single meaning to the work. It seems that such a metal rabbit sculpture wants to tell the world: life is beautiful, all tastes are acceptable, and we should accept ourselves. The work shines like a gorgeous and futuristic idol, it is not a mirror reserved for the prince, but a mirror reserved for the public, allowing it to reflect what we look like, blending us into the difference shown by its mirror surface. So, all of us became part of this work.

Mirror rabbit sculpture- YouFine Sculpture


Reasons to Choose YouFine:

YouFine is a factory specializing in metal sculpture for nearly 40 years. All our sculptures are factory direct, so our prices are undisputed, this is because we are a manufacturer with our own foundry, not just a trading company. We make sure we negotiate to suit the quality of our art as well as the client’s budget. However, we always recommend that customers who insist on a very cheap price compared to other companies’ products also consider artistic standards.

Stainless Steel Rabbit Sculpture - YouFine Sculpture (3)


If you are looking for high cost-effective stainless steel animal sculpture, YouFine would be your good choice.



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