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As a specialized manufacturer of metal water feature sculptures, YouFine offers high-quality stainless steel, weather-resistant steel, copper, and other water fountain designs, enhancing the elegance of your garden landscape.

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Superior Quality, More Competitive Prices.

With 40 years of sculpture export experience and an unparalleled commitment to excellence, our water feature sculptures have consistently earned unanimous acclaim from our clients. As we operate as a direct manufacturer, we offer even more advantageous prices.

Customized Design, Seamlessly Integrating with Your Space Style.

YouFine team of skilled designers specializes in tailoring water feature fountain designs to meet each client's unique requirements. This ensures that your metal fountain sculpture aligns seamlessly with your space's aesthetic and design, bringing your vision to fruition.

Transparent Production Process, Real-Time Progress.

To ensure customer reassurance and satisfaction, YouFine maintains a transparent production process for its metal water feature sculptures. We also provide timely updates to clients regarding the progress of their sculpture fountain production.

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What Makes YouFine Stand Out

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Customization and Processing

We offer both custom design services and processing options. Clients can provide their own designs for us to process, or they can benefit from our support in creating custom designs through the expertise of our professional designers, who provide 2D/3D drawings and more.

Provision of Drawings

Whether it’s a classic or uniquely tailored design, YouFine provides clients with professional drawings that vividly showcase the water flow effects.

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Comprehensive Setup, Simple Installation

We ensure that our clients are equipped with all necessary components, including water pipes and nozzles, to make the installation process hassle-free.

International Standard Materials

YouFine exclusively employs internationally standardized and high-grade stainless steel materials, ensuring superior product quality.

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Specialized Fountain Manufacturing Facility

Our factory boasts a team of highly skilled craftsmen with extensive experience in stainless steel sculpture and fountain production. Their expertise guarantees the mastery of water flow aesthetics.

YouFine's Unique Metal Fountain Advantages


Reinforced 316L Stainless Steel Framework, Intricately Laid Internal Details

Our upgraded 316L stainless steel framework boasts exceptional strength and robust support. The execution of internal pipeline installation places meticulous emphasis on intricate details.


Exquisite Welding Craftsmanship, Precisely Seam-Welded Corners, Internally Watertight

Exemplary welding techniques ensure tightly seam-welded corners, providing comprehensive waterproofing for the stainless steel internals, guarding against water corrosion.


Thorough 3-Day Pre-shipment Water Testing Ensuring Continuous Smooth Operation

Prior to shipping, a rigorous three-day water testing regimen guarantees uninterrupted operation of the stainless steel fountain. This procedure validates water flow velocity and sustained performance reliability.

Get the Latest in Fountain Sculpture Designs

Stay ahead with our cutting-edge fountain sculpture designs that effortlessly blend artistry and innovation. Elevate your surroundings with captivating water features that redefine aesthetics.


Gardens and Landscaping

Stainless steel fountains add an elegant focal point to gardens and outdoor spaces, creating a harmonious blend of nature and art.

Public Squares

Placed in public squares or plazas, stainless steel fountains become captivating landmarks, attracting visitors and fostering community interaction.

Commercial Spaces

Stainless steel fountains in shopping malls, hotels and office buildings add a touch of sophistication and enhance the overall ambience.

Poolside Enhancement

Stainless steel fountains enhance the beauty of poolside areas, infusing them with elegance and creating a relaxing ambiance.

Educational Institutions

Placed in a school or college courtyard, these fountains provide a calming atmosphere that promotes concentration and creativity.

Outdoor Events

Stainless steel fountains can be used as temporary installations for special events, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour.

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