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As a specialized manufacturer of metal water feature sculptures, YouFine offers high-quality stainless steel, weather-resistant steel, copper, and other water fountain designs, enhancing the elegance of your garden landscape. And you could get the manufacturer’s discounted factory prices from YouFine.

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YouFine team of skilled designers specializes in tailoring water feature fountain designs to meet each client’s unique requirements. This ensures that your metal fountain sculpture aligns seamlessly with your space’s aesthetic and design, bringing your vision to fruition.

Customized Services

All YouFine waterscape sculpture designs can be customized in size, color, design, material, etc.

Personalized designs

Tell YouFine your idea for a sculptural metal fountain and our designers will create an exclusive design for you.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Having been deeply involved in the field of sculpture fountains for 40 years, more than 95% of our customers are satisfied with our designs and quality.

Transparent Production Process

To ensure customer reassurance and satisfaction, YouFine maintains a transparent production process for its metal water feature sculptures.

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We insist on using 304/316 stainless steel as raw materials and control the thickness of the stainless steel to ensure the quality of the sculpture.

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At YouFine, we pay attention to the fashion trends in sculptures, and combined with customer needs, we can provide customers with a rich selection of popular water sculpture fountains.

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Control Quality Starting from Material Selection

After selecting high-quality stainless steel, in order to ensure the beauty and durability of the water feature sculpture, we would also strictly control the thickness of the stainless steel plate to ensure that it can form a perfect arc while being strong and durable. At the same time, high-quality stainless steel is also corrosion-resistant, so our stainless steel fountain sculptures can remain beautiful and fresh for a long time.

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Water Flow Effect Customization

Our factory boasts a team of highly skilled craftsmen with extensive experience in stainless steel sculpture and fountain production. Their expertise guarantees the mastery of water flow aesthetics. Then YouFine would create different water flow effects for customers according to their different needs.

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Comprehensive Setup, Simple Installation

We ensure that our clients are equipped with all necessary components, including water pipes and nozzles, to make the installation process hassle-free. At the same time, we would also provide customers with the specifications of the water pump required based on the voltage conditions in the customer’s area to ensure the perfect operation of the customer’s fountain.

Seamless process

YouFine Provides Fountain Customization Services

01 Share your vision

02 Set Budget & timeline

03 research & Design

04 Implementation

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The most common grades are 304 and 316L. 316L is more corrosion resistant.

Finishes like mirror, satin, and brushed are available. Different finishes create different visual effects.

Adjustable flow control valves allow adjusting water flow to control sound. Sound dampening materials can be added.

Flexible tubing, water filtration, electric pump, drainage are typical plumbing needs. A consultation with a plumber is recommended.

Water treatments, filters, and regular cleaning help prevent buildup. Some fountains have reservoirs with self-cleaning systems.

Many fountains come with built-in lighting. LED strip lighting can be added to others if wiring access is available.

In freezing climates, fountains should be shut down and stored indoors for winter. Outdoor fountains need winterization.

304 and 316L are the most commonly used grades of stainless steel. Considering corrosion resistance, 316L is a better choice, especially if the fountain is installed in a corrosive environment such as the seaside.

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