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About Us

40 years of experience in the sculpture business.

YouFine is recognized as a long-term leading supplier of high-quality metal sculptures. We produce the most exquisite stainless steel art work sculpture that will both stand the test of time and add a contemporary edge to any space.

We have professional designers and artists, we can customize any large modern metal sculpture based on your designs or requirements. We’re good at modern metal sculptures, stainless steel sculptures, public art sculptures, corten steel sculptures and products with modern and unique ideas.

Every art has one story, and each product is meticulously created with the highest degree of workmanship paying special attention to detail and design, yet made affordable to general public.

At present, we have built a stable and good relationship with customers from many countries, such as Germany, France, England, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, the United States, Australia, Saudi Arabia, India, and South Korea. We have gained a high prestige for our choice of material and excellent workmanship.

Founded in 1983, You Fine Sculpture is recognized as a long-term leading supplier of high-quality sculptures, in both highly polished stainless steel, corten steel, copper, bronze, marble, and many other forms of metal materials. Our stainless steel sculpture art is hand-forged in high-quality stainless steel. We produce the most exquisite works of art that will both stand the test of time and add a contemporary edge to any space.The strength and durability of our stainless steel sculpture art are unsurpassed. This allows our clients the flexibility of owning a sculptural work of art that can be placed in virtually any environment. With 316 Stainless Steel, you could commission a beautiful contemporary stainless steel sculpture that can be placed close to the ocean and still withstand the elements. You could be confident in the knowledge that it will retain its highly polished finish.

We offer a large collection of stainless steel sculpture art that range in size from small gallery sized sculptures that are suitable for private collectors, to sculptures designed to suit medium to large installations. These sculptures are appropriate for use in residential homes, corporate foyers, both indoor and outdoor through to very large sculptural installations, suitable for development projects, public installations, shopping space, and architectural installations.3

George Wang

Logistic Manager.

Linda Zhang

Sales manager.

Judy Zhu

Service Manager.

Susan Wang

Art Designer.

Handmade from stainless steel, corten steel and other metal materials, each piece is unique, with its own look and feel, positioned on an exquisite free standing base. With hundreds of designs available and pieces that can be commissioned, the possibilities are endless. For more information on stainless steel sculpture art, please contact us.

We strive to continually enhance our operational process to eliminate defects and improve the finished products and promote a culture of excellence that earned YouFine many awards and accolades over the years.

Please feel free to contact us, and welcome to pay a visit to us!.