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Outdoor Metal Tree Sculpture Garden Ornaments for Sale CSS-463

The metal tree sculpture is made of corten steel, which is very conspicuous when placed outdoors. The sculpture is gorgeous in color and beautiful in shape. If you are looking for a unique outdoor decoration, this sculpture will be your good choice.

Item No: CSS-463

Insurance: Cover All Risks

About Us: 30 Years Factory

Service: Door to Door Delivery

Material: Corten Steel

Size: Any Larger or Smaller Customized

Application: House/Villa/Garden/Hotel/Manor

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Metal Tree Sculpture Introduction:

This metal tree sculpture is beautiful in shape and unique in color. It is a very attractive sculpture. The material of this sculpture is corten steel, which is a new type of steel with strong stability and good compression resistance. So sculptures made of corten steel have a long service life. And these sculptures are not afraid of the erosion of wind and rain outdoors. So such a sculpture is a good product for outdoor garden decoration.

outdoor metal tree sculpture

Metal Tree Sculpture Advantages:

The color of this metal tree sculpture comes from the color of the corten steel itself. This color layer is also a protective layer on the surface of corten steel. The protective layer contains weather-resistant elements such as copper, chromium, nickel, etc., which can make the steel material form a layer of about 50-100μm thick dense oxide layer with good adhesion to the base metal between the rust layer. This special dense oxide layer has a stable and uniform natural rust red color. With the passage of time, the color of the rust layer of corten steel will gradually darken. So the color of this sculpture will become more and more charming over time.

corten sculpture for sale (2)

Why Are Corten Steel Sculptures Suitable for Outdoor Decoration?

Because of the outstanding visual performance of corten steel sculptures, this is the primary reason why many architects and artists choose this material. The rust color of corten steel is very bright and conspicuous. It looks very nice from a distance. Its color brightness and saturation are higher than those of ordinary building materials, so it is easy to stand out under the background of garden green plants.

corten steel garden sculpture (1)

In addition, the rough surface produced by the corrosion of the steel plate makes the structure more volume and quality, and it is easy to upgrade the grade of the site when used as a decoration. Moreover, corten steel will age with time, and its unique color and texture can reflect the unique artistic charm. It can even trace the historical sense of the venue, record the momentary sense of time, and extend the vitality of the venue.

corten steel garden sculpture (2)

If you like this metal tree sculpture, you can contact us at any time. YouFine looks forward to having pleasant cooperation with you.



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