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White Stainless Steel Wire Deer Sculpture for Sale CSS-151

This beautiful stainless steel wire deer sculpture looks very attractive. Adding some light installations inside the Sculpture would light up your garden. 

Item No: CSS-151

Material: 304/316/316L Stainless Steel Material

Type: Stainless Steel Wire Animal Sculpture

Service: Customized Service

Advantage: Factory Direct

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Insurance: Cover all the risks

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Details of Stainless Steel Wire Sculpture

This unique stainless steel wire deer sculpture is carefully crafted from the wire. Its surface appears clean white, making it the most famous outdoor decorative Sculpture.
This wire animal sculpture is handcrafted from stainless steel wire. The artists added a lot of beautiful metal butterfly sculptures on top of the long antlers. We see a group of beautiful butterflies flying around a lovely little sika deer in the forest. Such a creative design would undoubtedly bring your garden into focus.

stainless steel wire sculpture -YouFine Sculpture
Creative Lighting Design

It is worth mentioning that this white stainless steel mesh deer sculpture could not only present elegant posture and exquisite design sense in nature.

YouFine’s artists also added an internal lighting installation for him.
By hiding the led lights inside the silk screen deer sculpture, the Sculpture would also bring more pleasure and beauty at night.

Please use your imagination. YouFine Sculpture would satisfy all your ideas and needs.

wire animal sculpture -YouFine Sculpture

Selection of Metal Sculpture with Various Materials

In addition to stainless steel wire mesh sculptures, YouFine also supports the production of wire mesh sculptures made of various materials. Including stainless steel wire mesh, iron wire, aluminum wire, and so on.
YouFine could guarantee that we would choose the best quality materials no matter what materials are used.

In addition, we would use professional waterproof paint. To ensure that the metal sculpture could store in outdoors for a long time and maintain its original appearance.

wire sculptures for sale -YouFine Sculpture

More Popular Wire Sculptures Display

If you like this wire sculpture, you must know that many famous sculpture artists have studied wire sculpture.
Among them are:
The popular dandelion fairy wire mesh sculpture.
The famous Burning Man is a dancing female mesh sculpture.
Various stainless steel wire animal sculptures.
There is always a sculpture that could satisfy your imagination.

metal wire sculpture -YouFine Sculpture

If you also like this elegant stainless steel wire deer sculpture, please contact us to create your garden sculpture decoration. We support a full range of customized services. We would give the best program and price.



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