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Outdoor Large Landscape Corten Steel Rabbit Statue Decor for Sale CSS-396

This is a corten steel rabbit statue. Very suitable to become a landscape sculpture. We are the source manufacturer, with affordable prices and more choices.

Item No: CSS-396

Insurance: Cover All Risks

Theme: Abstract Sculpture

About Us: 30 Years Factory

Size: Any Larger or Smaller Customized

Material: Corten Steel

Application: Park/Villa/Garden/Square/School

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

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Corten Steel Rabbit Statue Introduction:

This corten steel rabbit statue has a very beautiful color. This color is very unique and easily blends with nature. It is a sculpture very suitable for the outdoor natural environment. The outer surface of this sculpture also has a unique attractive color and charm, which is easy to catch people’s attention. Such a sculpture that does not destroy the harmony of the natural environment and is very attractive at the same time is really suitable for becoming a landscape sculpture.

metal rabbit sculpture

The surface of this rabbit sculpture adopts the style of geometric segmentation, which is very design. Although it is an abstract geometric statue, it highlights the characteristics of the rabbit itself. Abstract sculptures are generally simple outlines of points, lines, and surfaces to highlight a lifelike object. The same principle applies to this rabbit statue. It vividly restores the image characteristics of the rabbit through a few simple geometric surfaces.

Metal sculpture for sale

Corten Steel Statue Advantages:

Corten steel sculpture is the emerging hot spot of sculpture in recent years. Because corten steel has many advantages. It itself has a beautiful rust layer. This rust layer not only gives the corten steel a very beautiful and natural color but also protects the interior of the corten steel from corrosion. Its color would change over time. At the same time, the corten steel plate does not require secondary processing and coloring, and it is an environmentally friendly material. Sculptures made of corten steel plates are of high quality and have strong resistance to outdoor wind and snow. It is a sculpture that is very suitable for being placed outdoors and has a long life.

Corten steel sculpture

Why Choose You Fine:

You Fine is a sculpture factory established in 1983. During these years, You Fine only focused on making sculptures. Therefore, You Fine’s sculptures have always been of high quality. There are many regular customers of You Fine, because You Fine’s service and quality have never let them down. The sculptures produced by You Fine are always exactly the same as or better than the pictures. And You Fine is the source factory, which could give you the most favorable price, and let you buy the most cost-effective sculpture. You Fine also gives you more choices. We also accept customization and could make the sculptures you want specifically for you.

rabbit sculpture

Corten steel sculpture for sale

Our contact information is left on this page. If you are interested in our corten steel rabbit statue, or you have some other needs, you could contact us at any time. We have professional salesmen waiting for you to answer.



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