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Modern Stainless Steel Fountain Water Features Sculpture for Sale CSS-205

This stainless steel fountain is very modern and looks very fashionable. It is very suitable to be placed by the pool as a water feature. YouFine is a factory direct sale and the price is very affordable. If you are looking for a water feature sculpture, YouFine will be your best choice.

Item No: CSS-205

Insurance: Cover All Risks

Theme: Fountain Sculpture

About Us: 30 Years Factory

Size: Any Larger or Smaller Customized

Material: 304/316/316L Stainless Steel

Application: Park/Villa/Hotel/Garden/Square/School

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

Manufacturing Technique: Forging/Casting/Gilding/Polish

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Stainless Steel Fountain Introduction:

This stainless steel fountain is very beautiful. It is composed of two simple half-circle sculptures. Its spray eye is at the top of each sculpture. Water will flow down from above like a shower. This fountain has a very beautiful high-polished surface, placed under the blue sky and white clouds and next to the water feature, it is easy to integrate with the surrounding environment. This fountain will become a beautiful landscape no matter where you put it.

large metal water fountains (2)

large metal water fountains (1)

Stainless Steel Fountain Advantages:

This stainless steel fountain has a long service life. In the production, we use 304 stainless steel. 304 is corrosion-resistant and resistant to high temperatures of 800 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about corrosion if such a sculpture is outdoors and by the water. And the stainless steel surface is very easy to clean, so this sculpture can easily keep the surface clean and beautiful. Whenever your guests come to your place, they will see your fountain is beautiful.

metal water fountains outdoor

Why Choose YouFine:

YouFine’s fountains are very popular, and we sold YouFine fountains all over the world. Because when YouFine makes fountains, we never cut corners and don’t shoddy. Moreover, YouFine’s sculpture artists have a high level of artistic aesthetics, and the sculptures they produce have a unique sense of beauty. So YouFine’s customers will be pleasantly surprised after receiving the fountain, and they can’t help but praise us. The affirmation from our customers is also the driving force behind YouFine’s continuous improvement.

metal water fountain sculpture

metal water fountains

YouFine sculpture factory established in the 1980s, we have a lot of experience. Our sculpture artists are all top masters with superb skills and rich experience. So YouFine can not only provide you with some existing designs, but YouFine can also accept customization. You could custom all sizes, colors, and styles as you like. In YouFine, you will get the most satisfying fountain.

metal water features fountains

YouFine has always been one-to-one customer service, and every customer has a professional salesman to follow the orders. If you happen to need a stainless steel fountain, you can choose to cooperate with YouFine. YouFine will not let you down and regret.



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