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Modern Square Corten Steel Sculpture for Lawn for Sale CSS-364

This is a corten steel sculpture composed of three small squares and a base. The color of this sculpture is beautiful rust. This color matches well with a green background such as a lawn. If you think your lawn is too empty, you can consider choosing this sculpture.

Item No: CSS-364

Insurance: Cover All Risks

About Us: 30 Years Factory

Service: Door to Door Delivery

Material: Corten Steel

Size: Any Larger or Smaller Customized

Application: House/Villa/Garden/Hotel/Manor

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

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Corten Steel Sculpture Introduction:

This is a very beautiful corten steel sculpture. This sculpture is a geometric sculpture composed of some regular small squares. The feature of this sculpture is its color. The color of this sculpture is the color of beautiful rust. This color is the color of corten steel itself, very natural. And this color matches the green lawn very well, which is very suitable for garden decoration.

corten steel garden sculpture

Unique Rust Layer:

The color of this corten steel sculpture is the color of the rust layer on the surface of the corten steel sheet. This rust layer is actually a protective layer of corten steel. It is an oxide layer about 50-100μm thick that is produced by adding some elements such as copper, chromium, nickel and other elements in a certain proportion. This oxide layer is dense and has good adhesion to the base metal. It can protect the interior of corten steel from external wind and rain. At the same time, this special dense oxide layer has a stable and uniform natural rust red color, and the color will become more beautiful over time.

metal garden ornaments

Why do Many People Like Corten Steel Sculptures?

Although corten steel is an emerging sheet in modern times. However, due to the outstanding visual performance of this kind of board, it has natural corrosion resistance. And its rust layer is not only beautiful in color, but also protective.  It also doesn’t need to be paint or weatherproof, almost no pollution to the natural environment. Its unique color can also create unique artistic effects. Therefore, it has become a favorite of many architects and designers, and it is also favored by many people.

metal garden sculptures

Why Choose YouFine?

YouFine has a mature sculpture production team, which can provide you with a variety of sculpture designs, and can also guarantee a 100% reduction of the sculpture. Moreover, YouFine has conducted in-depth research on the production of corten steel sculptures. The sculptures produced are not only beautiful in appearance, but also of high quality.

rusted metal garden sculptures

If you don’t want to spend too much time and energy on repairing and maintaining the sculpture, you can choose to buy a corten steel sculpture from YouFine.



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