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Metal Rabbit Garden Sculpture with Ball Lawn Ornament

This is a charming and lively metal bunny garden sculpture in which a stainless steel rabbit playfully interacts with a ball. Custom sizes, materials, finishes and more! Forged by YouFine, a well-known metal sculpture factory.

Item No: CSA-02

Insurance: Cover All Risks

About Us: 40 Years Factory

Size: Any Larger or Smaller Customized

Material:  Stainless Steel&Bronze&Aluminum&fiberglass

Application: Park/Villa/Hotel/Garden/Square/School

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

Manufacturing Technique: Forging/Casting/Gilding/Polish

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This delightful Metal Rabbit Garden Sculpture is a stainless steel artwork designed to add spirit and amusement to your lawn or garden. A group of adorable metal bunnies are captured in lively poses as they joyfully interact with a large ball, bringing a sense of movement and vibrancy. Some rabbits are playfully leaning on the sphere while others are poised as if ready to pounce on their toy. The dynamic sculpture creates a whimsical narrative that makes your outdoor space more engaging. With the high quality stainless steel rabbit sculpture adorning your yard or garden, your lawn becomes an enchanting wonderland.

Stainless Steel Rabbit Garden Sculpture with Ball Lawn OrnamentStainless Steel Rabbit Garden Sculpture with Ball Lawn Ornament Stainless Steel Rabbit Garden Sculpture with Ball Lawn Ornament Stainless Steel Rabbit Garden Sculpture with Ball Lawn Ornament


Customize for Your Unique Vision

We offer extensive customization options so you can create a metal rabbit statue or sculpture that perfectly matches your vision.

The metal bunny sculpture is available in a range of colors beyond the standard stainless steel finish. Powder coating can be applied to achieve bold, beautiful colors like red, blue, bronze and more to complement your outdoor décor.

Stainless Steel Rabbit Garden Sculpture with Ball Lawn Ornament Stainless Steel Rabbit Garden Sculpture with Ball Lawn Ornament


For a more natural, earthy look, the sculptural rabbits can also be made from bronze rather than stainless steel. The handsome patina finish on bronze develops gradually over time, blending seamlessly into garden environments.

Stainless Steel Rabbit Garden Sculpture with Ball Lawn Ornament Stainless Steel Rabbit Garden Sculpture with Ball Lawn Ornament


In addition to material and color customization, we also forge each metal rabbit garden ornament to your desired size specifications. Smaller sizes are great for accenting garden beds and pathways, while large-scale metal bunny statues make more of a statement on lawns.

With so many custom options, you’re sure to find a metal rabbit sculpture that suits your unique needs and style.

Stainless Steel Rabbit Garden Sculpture with Ball Lawn Ornament


Decorate Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Our charming metal bunny sculptures are perfect for adorning gardens and patios, but they also liven up many other outdoor living spaces:

Gardens – A frolicking bunny sculpture in your flower garden or vegetable garden adds a playful touch. The metal construction is weather-resistant and makes for durable garden art.

Lawns – Metal rabbit statues on your front or backyard lawn create curb appeal and a whimsical statement. Made from thick gauge steel, these sculptures withstand the elements.

Patios & Courtyards – Enhance your patio, courtyard or outdoor living room with a bunny garden ornament. The interactive sculpture sparks conversation.

Pools – Sitting bunny statues surrounding a pool or fountain create a lovely theme. The stainless steel material is non-corrosive for water features.

Driveways & Pathways – Mark your home’s entrance or wind along garden paths with metal bunnies. Welcome guests with these endearing sculptures.

With endless placement possibilities, our metal rabbit garden ornaments enhance outdoor spaces of all kinds. The durable steel construction ensures the bunnies look great for years.

metal bunny for sale


More Playful and Charming Rabbit Sculptures

In addition to our signature metal rabbit sculpture with a ball, we also handcraft a variety of other whimsical bunny statues and ornaments to suit any style:

Sitting rabbits reading a book, contemplating nature, or engaged in other cute poses.

Rabbits holding wreaths, flowers, eggs, or other symbols.

Rabbit silhouettes in creative shapes like hearts and mushrooms.

Single rabbits or pairs to accent garden beds and walkways.

Large-scale rabbit sculptures are perfect for lawns.

With so many designs to choose from, you can find the perfect metal bunny statue or sculpture to complement your garden and landscaping. Our artisans handcraft each rabbit art piece from durable materials to enhance your outdoor space.

metal bunny for sale metal bunny for sale


Over 40 Years of Perfecting Our Technique

YouFine Sculpture Factory has over 40 years of experience crafting museum-quality metal sculptures. Our artisans transform cold stainless steel into lively, playful works of art that bring joy to gardens and homes worldwide. Over the decades, we have perfected techniques for shaping, welding, and finishing intricate metal sculptures. Each piece that leaves our factory has been crafted to perfection under the watchful eyes of our skilled metal artisans.

In addition to our signature metal rabbit sculptures, we have experience creating sculptures of all kinds from abstract pieces to figurative works depicting people, animals, and nature. Our expansive capabilities and obsessive attention to detail are what enable us to produce metal garden statues, ornaments, and art of unparalleled quality. We take great pride in the happiness our whimsical bunny sculptures bring customers across the globe.

metal bunny for sale


With YouFine, creating your dream custom metal rabbit sculpture is easy and enjoyable. Contact us today to get started designing a bunny statue or ornament that is uniquely you!



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