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Corten Steel Fountain Modern Metal Water Feature for Sale CSS-793

Corten steel fountain occupies a very important position in outdoor garden decoration with its unique rust red color and good weather resistance. If you are looking for high quality corten steel fountain, YouFine would be your good choice.

Item No: CSS-793

Insurance: Cover All Risks

About Us: 39 Years Factory

Service: Door to Door Delivery

Material: Corten Steel

Size: Any Larger or Smaller Customized

Application: House/Villa/Garden/Hotel/Manor

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

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Introduction to the fountain:

This is a corten steel fountain that is very suitable for outdoor garden decoration. We could see that its composition is very simple, but it is very conspicuous. There are some bamboo decorations on its surface to make it look more unique. You could decorate it in outdoor gardens, squares, parks, and other places.

Corten Steel Fountain Modern Metal Water Feature for Sale CSS-793 (1)


Why Choose Corten Steel Fountain?

Corten steel fountains are very common in modern outdoor garden decoration. First of all, it is because of its very conspicuous and beautiful color. This rust-red makes it look very story-like. Its graininess makes the whole water fountain look more weighty. In addition, corten steel also has good weather resistance. So it could serve you for years when outdoors as a decoration. And the inner steel would not be damaged.

Corten Steel Fountain Modern Metal Water Feature for Sale CSS-793 (1)


Corten steel has many advantages that other metal materials do not have. First of all, it doesn’t need to be colored. Its own color is its biggest feature, and it also protects its internal steel structure. So it is environmentally friendly and has almost zero pollution. In addition, the color of corten steel would not fade, it would only get darker over time. This means that it could record the passage of time in its place and witness the existence of things.

modern metal fountain - YouFine Sculpture


Advantages of YouFine:

  1. Factory-direct sales. So we have a good price advantage because there is no middleman to make the difference.
  2. Has a long history. YouFine Sculpture Production Factory was established in 1983 with a long history and rich experience. So no matter what kind of metal sculpture you need, we could make the perfect sculpture for you.
  3. Rich experience in import and export. So we could formulate the most suitable transportation plan and packaging plan for you according to your local import and export policies and your needs.

corten steel sculpture - YouFine Sculpture


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