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The Most Popular Abstract Metal Sculptures:

These beautiful abstract metal sculptures are very popular with our customers because of their unique design and positive and beautiful symbolism. It is also one of the hottest selling metal sculpture designs in our factory. This is a sculpture artwork that fits the decoration of any public place. Because of its own positive meaning, it is a very good choice to place it in any place.

Therefore, we have specially developed different sizes according to the needs of our customers and the places where they are placed. For example, 150 cm, 200 cm, 250 cm, 274 cm, and so on. Of course, 200 cm is the size design that customers often choose. Whether it is placed outdoors or indoors, this size is very suitable.

garden decor mirror polished stainless steel sculpture

The Meaning of Abstract Metal Sculpture:

The curved lines of sculptures are a popular trend in modern abstract metal sculpture art. The soul of abstract sculpture is to give the sculpture a special meaning. So this sculpture has its own vitality.

The name of our beautiful outdoor abstract metal sculpture is called growing sculpture. This is the work created by the chief designer of the You Fine designer team. This abstract sculpture is inspired by the growing grass. Because this sculpture is like a small grass, which rises from the ground, winding around and growing upward vigorously. Although in the process of growth, it will encounter obstacles, it is also the attack of strong wind, perhaps the impact of heavy rain. However, this little grass still grows steadily upwards until it looks at a different world and scenery.

large metal garden sculptures,


Of course, in our lives, we also need to have the resilience of the grass to grow. We often experience storms in our lives, but we need to remain strong when going through these obstacles. Like this little grass to nurture the essence, ready to develop. We would eventually come to success.

This is what this abstract metal sculpture brings to us. Of course, this is also the source of the sculpture’s name.

outdoor modern abstract sculpture for sale


Production Process of the Sculpture:

You Fine would use high-quality metal materials to make this abstract metal sculpture. Our factory would use 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 2 mm. The high-quality 304 material has good corrosion resistance and heat resistance. So our sculpture could place in an outdoor environment without rusting. Of course, there are also our professional craftsmen to forge and make purely by hand. The overall polishing of the sculpture is also handled by our craftsmen.

You Fine is a professional metal sculpture production factory, professional achieves high quality. And we always put the quality of our products in the first place, and quality is our life. Therefore, the quality of our sculptures must be impeccable.

large garden sculptures for sale,

These are the abstract metal sculptures that we have just finished making in our factory. With different sizes of designs from different customers.

metal garden sculptures

Feedback from Customers:

These are all feedback pictures from our different customers. Some are placed at home, and some are placed in outdoor gardens, hotel gardens, seaside, and so on. The unique beauty of the sculpture is perfectly displayed to our customers. Moreover, all customers are very satisfied with our beautiful abstract metal sculptures-growing sculptures. The quality of our sculptures is also given a very high evaluation.

customer feedback pictures

Patent Certificate Obtained:

Of course, the design of this metal sculpture is unique to You Fine. In order to ensure the safety of our sculptures, we applied for a patent protection certificate.

Patent certifs from You Fineicate

Making metal sculptures, You Fine is professional enough. So if you have any needs, please feel free to contact You Fine. With our strength and the evaluation and recognition from customers, you would not regret choosing us.



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