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The Application Value of Corten Steel Material in Sculpture

Corten Steel Sculptures Applications:

If you observe carefully, you will find that there are many corten steel sculptures in the garden landscape. There is a layer of rust-red steel on his surface, which is very rough and not smooth to the touch. Although the texture is very special, the contrast between roughness and delicateness. Coldness and warmth, softness and hardness condense with plants into a rich design context. This is the uniqueness of using corten steel to make sculptures.

So you can learn about the following three issues through the following articles:

Value of Corten Steel Material in Sculpture

Why do artists like corten steel sculptures?

Because corten steel has many advantages, so many artists like using corten steel to make sculptures. The artistic sense of corten steel is simply screaming… Because steel corrosion is a natural state of the material itself. It is in line with the authenticity principle of artistic expression. Over time, steel has become one of the materials of modern landscape modeling art design.

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Compared with ordinary steel, corten steel will gradually corrode and age until it breaks after rusting. The corten steel material itself has been corroded, so the red rust on its surface is the protective film. Therefore, the appearance of corten steel material gives designers an opportunity. The rusty form of steel is fully used for expression in plastic art creation. And its peculiar nature is loved by designers.

corten steel garden sculpture

In addition, corten steel plates will change over time. Its color is greatly affected by the environment and climate. And it is easy to change from bright red-brown to dark blue-gray after a long time. With the aging of time, the unique color and texture of the beautiful corten steel are brought into full play. Can reflect the unique artistic charm. And you can also trace the historical sense of the venue and record the momentary sense of time. Extend the vitality of the site and reflect the concept of sustainable design.

rusty metal garden sculptures

What is corten steel?

The concept of corten steel was proposed by Japan in the 1980s and is also called Corten steel. It is a low alloy steel between ordinary steel and stainless steel. It is made of plain carbon steel with a certain amount of copper and corrosion-resistant elements such as phosphorus, chromium, nickel, titanium, and vanadium.

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Advantages of corten steel:

The biggest feature and advantage of corten steel is that it has very strong corrosion resistance and its service life will be very long. This is also the reason why many designers and architects love the practicality of this material. From a designer’s perspective, this material can solve many problems from the perspective of design aesthetics.

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It has the characteristics of easy ductility, high strength, and fatigue resistance of ordinary steel. At the same time, the corrosion resistance can reach 2 times to 8 times that of ordinary carbon steel. When exposed to the natural environment, the steel surface will automatically form an anti-corrosion protective layer through the action of air, rain, etc. Without painting protection, and the life of the material is more than 80 years.

In view of the many advantages of corten steel materials, it is very suitable for making various corten steel modern sculpture designs. If you still don’t know, you can browse our website at any time to learn about corten steel sculptures.

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  1. Like planting in a frying pan once the sun gets on it. I’ve seen every steel planter melt the plants that went in it that was exposed to the sun.

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