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Modern Metal LOVE Sculpture, Feedback from Many Customers

Metal Love Sculpture History:

Do you know the history of metal LOVE sculpture? Love is the pop art image of American artist Robert Indiana. It consists of the letters L and O. The letters V and E are represented in bold Didone type; O is inclined sideways, so the negative space of its rectangle forms a line leading to V. The original image has green and blue spaces and red font on the background.

Love Park

It was used as a printed image for the 1965 Museum of Modern Art Christmas card. This same design soon appeared on popular stamps in the United States. The original rendering of Love in the sculpture was made in 1970 and is on display at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in Indiana. Since then, works of art have been copied in various formats to be presented in displays around the world.

Therefore, the stainless steel version of the LOVE sculpture is popular all over the world now. Because of its beautiful symbolic meaning. This sculpture often places in outdoor public places, commercial streets, lawns, and so on. Of course, some people also like to place this metal LOVE sculpture in the garden of their own homes.

large garden sculptures for sale

YouFine’s LOVE Sculpture:

YouFine is a professional metal sculpture factory, specializing in metal sculpture making for more than 30 years. So YouFine has experienced craftsmen to make LOVE sculptures. Make sure the sculpture is very precise in alignment and angle. Each letter is very three-dimensional. Our craftsmen will polish the sculpture to make sure the surface of the sculpture is very smooth and without any defects.

Use High Quality Materials:

Besides, YouFine will use high-quality 304 stainless steel material to make the whole metal sculpture. Also, we have requirements for the thickness of the material. We will use stainless steel plate with a thickness of 2mm. Therefore, our sculpture not only looks very beautiful, but the quality of the sculpture is also very strong.

metal garden sculptures

 More Colors to Choose:

Of course, YouFine also has a variety of colors of metal LOVE sculpture to choose from. One of the most popular color combinations is the classic red and blue. As long as the color match you want, YouFine can achieve it for you. We will paint the sculpture using spray paint. Of course, our professional coloring masters can paint the sculpture evenly and the color of the sculpture will remain long-lasting without losing color.

Modern Metal LOVE Sculpture

Our metal LOVE sculptures are sold to many countries and regions in the world. And our customers are satisfied with the quality of our sculptures.

Here are the feedback pictures from our customers.

metal garden ornaments

LOVE sculpture feedback

Modern Metal LOVE Sculpture sale

Love sculpture

garden metal sculptures

As a popular modern metal sculpture design, it is suitable to place in any outdoor place. If you like this sculpture, please feel free to contact YouFine. Our sculpture will not disappoint you.



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