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How Much Does a Garden Stainless Steel Modern Sculpture Cost

Stainless steel sculptures make for wonderful additions to any garden. With their sleek, modern designs and ability to withstand various weather conditions, stainless steel artworks have become popular choices for both public spaces and private gardens over the years.

When incorporated thoughtfully into a garden, a stainless steel sculpture can truly enhance the landscape. The metal’s silvery tones beautifully contrast against lush greenery, flowers, or other features. Stainless steel sculptures come in all types of forms too – from abstract shapes to figurative silhouettes to intricate botanical motifs. They introduce captivating focal points and enable gardens to make bolder artistic statements.

Garden Stainless Steel Modern Sculpture Cost


Whats the Cost for a Garden Stainless Steel Sculpture?  

So how much would high-quality garden stainless steel sculptures set you back? There is quite a range when it comes to stainless steel artworks. Here are some general guidelines on price:

Garden Stainless Steel Modern Sculpture Cost


Small-Scale Pieces

For smaller stainless steel sculptures around 3 to 6 feet tall, expect to pay $2,000 – $5,700. These make great accents that can be dotted around beds or borders. Their smaller size also means they are easier to move and install.

Mirror Sofa Stainless Steel Outdoor Garden Sculpture for Lawn


Mid-Scale Pieces  

For medium-sized stainless steel artworks in the 6 to 16 foot range, budget around $5,700 – $26,000. Pieces of this scale make bolder statements and tend to become real focal points within garden designs. Their larger surface areas enable more intricate artistic details too.

Garden Stainless Steel Modern Sculpture Cost


Oversized Showstopper Pieces   

Extra large statement-making stainless steel sculptures over 16 feet tall start at around $26,000. Many oversized artworks can fetch prices between $50,000 to $100,000 or even more though, especially if created by an established artist. These monumental sculptures demand attention and transform gardens into almost architectural installations.

Garden Stainless Steel Modern Sculpture Cost


In general, more complex designs requiring greater quantities of material raise costs across all size categories. A basic spiral shape will be cheaper than an elaborate tree form with countless branches and leaves for example. But the above size ranges offer rough estimates.


Affordable Prices from Sculpture Manufacturers

Purchasing directly from a sculpture factory like YouFine can help obtain stainless steel art at more affordable prices too. As manufacturers selling directly to consumers, factories cut costs by eliminating retailer markups. So while maintaining quality craftsmanship, factory direct pricing is extremely competitive.

youfine stainless steel sculpture for sale from factoryyoufine stainless steel sculpture for sale from factoryStainless Steel Abstract Line Deer Sculpture in Purple and Blue


YouFine’s stainless steel sculpture prices fall into the following ranges:

Size 3-6 Feet: $1,000 – $2,700

Size 6-16 Feet: $2,700 – $16,000

Size 16+ Feet: Starts at $16,000


Check out YouFine’s catalogue for inspiration on captivating stainless steel artworks that can take your garden’s design to the next level within different budgets. Their team also welcomes custom requests.


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