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Urban Stainless Steel Street Art Sculpture for Sale

YouFine supports customized processing of urban Stainless Steel Street Art Sculpture, integrating modern art and creative vision into public spaces, bringing unique aesthetic appeal and artistic expression to the urban landscape.

Item No: GSS-005

Insurance: Cover All Risks

About Us: 40 Years Factory

Material: 304/316/316L Stainless Steel

Size: Any Larger or Smaller Customized

Application: Park/Villa/Hotel/Garden/Square/School

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

Manufacturing Technique: Forging/Casting/Gilding/Polish

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This stainless steel street art sculpture draws design inspiration from the trees of the natural world, cleverly blending modern abstract art concepts to inject a unique pop of color into the urban landscape. The designers have ingeniously placed three colossal tree sculptures crafted from stainless steel in the city center, not only providing pedestrians with a shady respite, but bringing visual enjoyment through the unique artistic form. The gleaming metallic trees appear to have sprung organically from the concrete jungle, their reaching branches an ode to the deep-rooted human desire to be closer to nature, even in the busiest of cities. The sculptures allow urbanites a moment to pause and appreciate the simple beauty of mimicking the natural world.

Urban Stainless Steel Street Art Sculpture for Sale Urban Stainless Steel Street Art Sculpture for Sale


The Art of Craftsmanship:

The surfaces of these three stainless steel tree sculptures have been polished and perforated with artful meticulousness. The designers chose shades of blue-green for the detailed work on the tree trunks, making the sculptures appear even more vivid and vibrant under the sunlight, imparting a feeling of cool comfort. This artistic approach lends the urban stainless steel street art not only aesthetic value for viewing pleasure, but also imparts usefulness, bringing convenience to city living. The perforated steel provides pockets of shade for passersby while allowing dappled light to dance below the metal canopies. The smooth, glossy finish reflects the kinetic energy of the city, lending a modern dynamism to the natural forms.

Urban Stainless Steel Street Art Sculpture for Sale


Excellence in Custom Metalwork:

As a stainless steel sculpture fabrication company with extensive expertise, YouFine has been committed to customer-oriented services and providing high quality public stainless steel art since our founding in 1983. Our works have been installed in streetside locations, attracting numerous clients to commission customized orders. When crafting large-scale outdoor stainless steel sculptures, we place utmost importance on structural safety, engineering internal frameworks and applying anti-rust treatments to ensure durability and quality of the artwork. At the same time, we also emphasize aesthetic principles to ensure the sculptures are visually appealing as works of art in addition to being safe and secure.

youfine stainless steel tree sculpture for sale


Bringing Creative Visions to Life:

Additionally, YouFine serves as an OEM factory, taking clients’ own design concepts and manufacturing their creative visions into reality if they have an idea but lack production capabilities. We believe that whether in terms of design, fabrication, or after-sales service, YouFine is capable of providing our clients with premier, first-class service. Let’s work together to add beauty to the urban landscape and bring an artistic flair to people’s lives. Our expert metalworkers treat each commission as a collaboration, working closely with clients to translate unique concepts into one-of-a-kind sculptural centerpieces that infuse creativity into public spaces.

youfine stainless steel tree sculpture for sale youfine stainless steel tree sculpture for sale youfine stainless steel tree sculpture for sale youfine stainless steel tree sculpture for sale




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