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The Role of 3d Models in Stainless Steel Sculptures Production

Since 3D printing model technology has obvious advantages in reducing material costs, time costs, and dealing with complex structures, it is possible to materialize two-dimensional information data into images and three-dimensional physical sculptures in a short time. Therefore, in the field of sculpture production, 3D models have a role that cannot be ignored. Under the trend that modern society requires artistic creation to be more modern and avant-garde, people no longer blindly satisfy the materialization of creative ideas, but gradually develop modern sculpture created on the basis of the original, creative speed and molding technology. Flexibility has deep requirements. Therefore, custom-made sculptures have become the mainstream choice in the sculpture-making industry. As one of the main branches of advanced prototyping technology – modern rapid prototyping technology, 3D printing technology also shines.

Franck Kuman sculpture 3D model – YouFine Sculpture


In this article, we would talk about the role and impact of 3D printing models on the production of stainless steel sculptures.


(1) Influence on the Production Process of Stainless Steel Sculpture

The application of 3D printing model technology in sculpture creation can bring about subversive changes to the traditional production process of sculpture creation. When making stainless steel sculptures, the first thing to do is to draw sketches. Secondly, the presentation and adjustment of the mud model draft are carried out. After that, the creation of a clay-shaped large draft. Finally, a series of tedious processes of turning over the mold is carried out. The final effect can only be presented after the surface effect is completed, and the subtle changes in each process will have an impact on the work. The 3D printing model technology can subtly avoid the cumbersome process and save a lot of time.

Franck Kuman sculpture 3D model – YouFine Sculpture


(2) Influence on the Predictability of the Production Effect of Stainless Steel Sculpture

Sculpture creation is similar to painting creation. Most of them are plane hand-painted drafts at first, and then the effect is superimposed and beautified, while the sculpture creation is further scrutiny in the physical space. Modern 3D printing model technology automates 3D scans with digital models generated by stainless steel sculpture design software. In this way, the 3D model can be transformed from the virtual data state to the three-dimensional state, and the preview of the rendering effect and the three-dimensional shape can be realized during the creation. Such an operation will greatly save time, material, and other imitable investment in sculpture creation.

Franck Kuman sculpture - YouFine SculptureFranck Kuman sculpture - YouFine SculptureFranck Kuman sculpture - YouFine SculptureFranck Kuman sculpture - YouFine Sculpture


(3) Influence on the Finished Product Form of Stainless Steel Sculpture

With the development of modern rapid prototyping technology, we create closely around the inherent form of materials. According to the characteristics of resin that is not easy to break, we have created many resin sculptures; according to the process and method of copper casting, we have created many bronze sculptures; around the non-corrosion characteristics of steel, we have created stainless steel sculptures. The elasticity of nylon molding, the smoothness of photosensitive resin molding, and the delicateness of lamination molding, etc., continue to provide new ideas and new forms for our creation. Modern rapid prototyping technology not only enriches the materials for sculpture creation and expands the freedom of sculpture language, but also can present creative ideas as perfectly as possible.

Franck Kuman sculpture - YouFine SculptureFranck Kuman sculpture - YouFine Sculpture


The Value of 3d Printing Model Technology in the Production of Stainless Steel Sculpture

3D printing model technology promotes the field, form, and expression of sculpture creation with its rational characteristics. It presents the automatic materialization of sculpture creation with precision and completeness, which greatly saves manpower and time and impacts the traditional sculpture creation process. 3D printing model technology may replace sculpture in some ways, but it would never replace sculpture art. At the same time, modern 3D printing model technology helps to free sculpture creation from basic and less artistic work and promotes sculpture creation to develop in the direction of art and diversification.



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